Do you help us to create the design?

Yes! all of our packages come with "Standard Design Service", without the use of the same set of templates over and over for all our clients.

If you don't have your Designer, you only need to send us some websites for the reference to designing and also some photos or graphics of your corporate identity for making the design.

You might also wanna have some large banners sliding in the upper area of your Home page, the best resolutions of your slide images shouldn't be less than 1,500px width, any height, and 96 DPI is recommended. PNG and JPG are both acceptable.

With GM DIY RWD Wrappings module, you can create as many as slider banners as you want, and publish to almost any pages of your website.

You might feel like to find some licensed stock photos that match your ideas of designing,, there you will have many professional design images/illustrators. You can make a purchase on your own or just sending us the Stock photo ID, we can then help you to do that.

Don't forget, we do have a bunch of ready-made DIY RWD Wrappings at your disposal.

As a good model, the entire website of Gobomall has also been created by means of all these DIY RWD Wrappings, especially the repeated use of SLIDER-BANNERs in GM Highlights and the mixed and crossover application of wrappings over here, not just banner images, it's capable of sliding HTML with your own Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) or YouTube movies, and so on.

With this, decorate and animate your website contents become easily. You can be publishing numerous stylish contents to almost any where of the website without any programming experience involved, the color and outline can easily be tuned by setting up relevant parameters via the GM admin CTRL-Panel.

Just feel free to share your ideas with us ...

I've my Designer

If you do have your in-house designer, you can send us a draft of the website design of the Home page accompany with the source of every design elements that have been used within, such as the logo, background graphics, top banners, or some slider-banners for setting up the SLIDER-BANNER of RWD Wrappings.

*Please be sending us your files in A.I., PSD, JPG or PNG format.

We're gonna pick these colors and stick all those design elements to the design of your website.

We're glad to tell you that our "Standard Design Service" capable of satisfying most of the customers, you might notice that most of the good looking responsive websites are consist of rich content, spacious, the vital importance is a simple layout with nice promotional/seasonal banner photos.

If you're looking for a more advanced design service like fully customized the design of the website layout or wanna have some program customization works implemented, just feel free to share your ideas with us - Request a Quote.

Satisfying most of the customers:)

I've my Web Programmer

In addition to adding your own JavaScript and jQuery to the website, the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can be overridden by your own resources, you will be able to put them to the HEAD or BODY of the website thru RWD BOTTOM-MENU.

The Bootstrap's responsive engine is working on the back of your website.

Gobomall has implemented a bunch of HTML5 styles to the DIY RWD Wrappings and packed with most of the Bootstrap components within. By uploading your own Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), its look can be changed.

With our DIY RWD Wrappings, you can make your website look fancier, and all those ready-made DIY RWD Wrappings can be created and managed by yourselves via the GM admin CTRL-Panel at any time.

You can also be creating your own website contents by using some free Bootstrap Responsive Design template along with your own Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), such as responsive template of some pricing table or bar charts, etc.

Using my JavaScript, jQuery and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) ~..^

Do you help us to create the website structure, upload data, and products?

Yes! Actually, initial production and ongoing updates can be done very easily by yourselves by using "Multiple-Upload & Create Products" and "GM Grid Editing" features, etc.

You only need to prepare the following and we would then be able to help you to get those works done:

  1. Folder structure of entire product catalog with product images; and sub-catalogs hierarchy (if applicable):

  2. Product-List in MS Excel format:

  3. Please prepare your website data in MS Word or MS Excel format,

    • such as About Us, Company Profile, Contact Us, Our Factory, Our Machine, etc. We do help you to input maximum 20 pages in the initial production period, for the remaining pages, you will be able to do the input and relative maintenance works yourselves thru the GM Admin CTRL-Panel thereafter.

100% get your site launched:)

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